LVA, TRED 11/7B/1861

Richmond Nov. 7 1861
Col. Sam Tate   {President, Memphis & Charleston RR}
Memphis Ten
Dear Sir,
   Dr. Lewis informed our agent a few days ago that you had ordered that only 200 Tons {about 25 car loads} of the metal be forwarded to us instead of 250 {about 31 car loads}. If you require this metal we have no objection of course to you taking the 50 tons additional which you ??? greatly to the sale of the 200 tons, advised us would be sent us.
   As yet we have received only about 30 Tons {about 4 car loads} of the metal & fear it may be on the road yet a considerable time. Let us know your decision as to the 50 Tons.
J. R. Anderson & Co.