LVA, TRED 11/25C/1861

Richmond Nov. 25, 1861
J. E. Matthew Esq Cahaba Ala
Dear Sir,
   We learn that you are one of the beneficiaries on a deed from the Marion Rail Road {Cahaba, Marion & Greensboro RR}, under which that Companies affairs may be wound up.
   The object of this Communication is to say that in December last we shipped that Road 400 Kegs Rail Road Spikes which have not been accepted by the Engineer or payment assured by the Rail Road Co. and therefore we ??? these spikes will be returned to us.
   We are engaged here our lives & fortune in the defence of our Country without a moment at our disposal to attend to our business abroad & we therefore wish our friend Dr. Bate to Confer with you on this subject on our behalf and hope you may at least be disposed to return to us the spikes which we have authorized him to receive from you on our account.
   Our losses by Alabama Rail Road have been very heavy because we have been very indulgent to them, and we hope that in this instance we may lose nothing save the interest on the cost of the goods. A little debt on the same Road of $400, also remains unpaid ??? 2 years ago. 
Very Truly,
J. R. Anderson & Co.