LVA, TRED 10/8A/1861

Richmond Oct 8, 1861

Col. W. D. Dunn Prestd   {President, Mobile & Great Northern RR}
Mobile, Ala.
Dear Sir,
   We acknowledge receipt your esteemed fav 4th & ??? of 3d on same subject. The Rail reached us also this evening and tomorrow we commence your Chairs and will Commence shipping as soon as we get 1000 made. The whole will be ready next week if nothing happens.
   We would be perfectly willing to make the Chairs for the remaining 12 miles you refer to, & give you the credit you ask, if we some sense that we would have time to do it, but we cant say what our engagements will be for the War Department -- we are now as full as we can well be, making irons of a bar ??? and have declined large orders ?? we have been Corresponding with you about the Chairs. But you had better send on the sample Rail and if we find we cant make them we will advise you promptly: If however You can get along without the Chairs, better let the Matter Stand for the present. Suppose you have spikes.
Very Trulyly
J. R. Anderson & Co.