LVA, TRED 10/18F/1861

Richmond Oct 18, 1861

Charles Sures Esq
Selma Ala.
Dear Sir,
   We have yours 14th Inst. The remittance for Selma City bonds has also come to hand and we are pleased to find that our funds stand so high with your people with Bank charges 1 % prem on Richmond. We ??? compensation of this by any means.
   We learn from a private source that there is a probability that the Marion Cahaba and Greensboro RRd {Cahaba, Marion & Greensboro RR} Co will transfer their property to some of the friends of the Road to the exclusion of the Creditors. They owe use $2606.75 and interest some of which has been due one year & over. We wish you would enquire into the truth of this and if possible prevent the perpetration of such act on us. We have confided in the integrity of our Southern friends and this will be but ??? for our Confidence.
   Will you do what you can to prevent this & let us know the prospect and if you can effect any arrangement to protect us please do so & let us hear from you.
Very Truly
J. R. Anderson & Co.