LVA, TRED 10/18E/1861

Richmond Oct 18, 1861

J. T. Whiteill Esq
Marion Ala
Dear Sir,
   We write you under the impression that you are the Prest of the Greensboro Road {Cahaba, Marion & Greensboro RR} to say that we supplied them last year spikes &c to the amt of $2606.75, due Cash April 1st last, ??? converted to that time although the articles were to have been paid on shipment. We hear that the Company's matters are deranged and the creditors may suffer by the property passing into other hands. We have dealt with the Company as correct men delivering them the articles without security relying Confidently upon them for a compliance upon their engagements, and will not permit ??? to believe that our claim is to be overlooked in any settlement of the Company's matters. If the Company have any of the articles we sold them remaining on hand we will recall them at full cost to them including freights & they may be turned over to A. M. Goodwin A. &. T. R. RRd Co {Alabama & Tennessee River RR} Selma.
   We wrote our particular friend W. D. Dunn {Superintendent, Mobile & Great Northern RR} of Mobile on this subject to whom we refer you.
Very Truly
J. R. Anderson & Co.