LVA, TRED 10/18D/1861

Richmond Oct 18, 1861

Col. W. D. Dunn   {President, Mobile & Great Northern RR}
Dear Sir,
   We have a letter from a confidential source today informing us that the stock holders of the Marion, Cahaba & Greensboro RRd Co {Cahaba, Marion & Greensboro RR} had determined to dispose of their Road to the sacrifice for their creditors. The owed by 1st Apl '61 as per statement then undend $2606.75 for spikes &c furnished them last year to be paid in Cash & we understood that we in common with others will be entirely overlooked. If we had been some Yankee Cenaon we would have required payment before shipping the articles that we now fear that our Confidence in them will Cause us the loss of our debt. When in Mobile the writer had some Conversation with Mess Marnast & Lee who thought the debt would soon be settled, and we beg the favor of you to call on them & ascertain if they can do any thing for our protection. We believe Mr. Whitall is still the Prest. and we will write him on the subject; but if you can do any thing for us towards securing the debt, you will much oblige us. Messer Manart & Lee have a statement of our claim showing $2606.75 as above.
   We will forward you another Car load of your chairs tomorrow.
Very Truly
J. R. Anderson & Co.