LVA, RR 9/14/1862

Extract from Proceedings of Southern Rail Road Convention

Columbia So Ca Sept 4th 1862
The committee on transportation submitted this report which after discussion & amendments, was finally adopted as follows. Voting by Roads, The Cheraw & Darlington only dissenting.
   1st That the rate of 2 cents per mile for the Transportation of troops be adhered to on the main or thoroughfare roads, and that the rage be increased to three cents per mile on the side line, not thoroughfares. Side lines are those having no connection at one end. {Last sentence found on R. R. Cuyler copy.}
   2d That the amount to be paid by soldiers on furlough and discharged soldiers who have no transportation allowed by government should be 2 cents per mile on main thoroughfares and 3 cents per mile on side lines not thoroughfares, Commissioned officers on furlough to pay full fare.
   3d That in respect of the transportation of things for the Government all the Rail Roads should adopt the rate which the Government offers where the carriage is by freight trains, viz
      on 1st Class  Percussion Caps. Powder & fixed ammunition 40 cents per 100 pounds per 100 miles.
      on 2d Class  All the freight shipped for Government except the stock, hay, bran and the articles enumerated in 1st Class 20 cents per 100 pounds per 100 miles.
      on 3d Class  Live Stock per Car Load $20 per Car per 100 miles.
      on 4th Class  Hay or Bran per Car Load $15 per Car per 100 mile. For less than a Car Load of live stock, the local rates of each road to be charged.
      The labor and expense of loading and unloading and the detention of Cars for the same being as much for short as for long distances, less than 100 miles should be charged as 100 miles.
      The Government should be required to specify on which Train, whether Passenger or Freight the carriage is to be performed and if the carriage is required on Passenger Trains the rate should be fifty per centum higher.
   4th  Through tickets should be furnished to wounded officers or soldiers and discharged men at the above rates.
   5th  That in respect of the carriage of Bodies of men killed in battle or who died in the service, each Rail Road should adopt and furnish its own regulations.
R. R. Cuyler   {President, Central (of Georgia) RR and South Western RR}
Chas. G. Pollard   {President, Montgomery & West Point RR}
Thos. C. Perrin   {President, Greenville & Columbia RR}
Wm Johnston   {President, Charlotte & South Carolina RR and Atlantic, Tennessee & Ohio RR}
On motion of Mr. Cuyler. Resolved, That the rates reported & adopted this day to go into operation on the 1st proximo.
A true extract from the minutes.
Saml. G. Jones   {Superintendent, Alabama & Florida (of Alabama) RR}


Alfred L Taylor   {Superintendent,  Macon & Western RR}
S. S R Rd   {South Side RR} not represented
V & Ten   {Virginia & Tennessee RR}
E T & Va   {East Tennessee & Virginia RR}
E T & Ga   {East Tennessee & Georgia RR}
{The not represented information is found on the copy of this document filed under R. R. Cuyler in the National Archives.}