AR, M&O 4/1/1861 CE

Annual Report of the Mobile & Ohio RR
as of April 1, 1861,
Chief Engineer's Report
Office Mobile & Ohio Rail Road Company
May 6th, 1861
Hon. Milton Brown
President Mobile & Ohio Rail Road Company
   I have the honor to report that the last spike was driven on the 22d ult. by M. J. D. Baldwyn, the projector of this great work, and the trains commenced to run regularly through the entire road Monday last.
   The usual Tables and Statements, from No. 1 to 16, contain detailed explanations of the earnings, expenses, and movement of Freight and Passengers.
   The earnings have been:
From Passengers South Division $265,197.55
" " North Division 127,049.68 $392,247.23
" Freight South Division 884,021.20
" " North Division 74,009.71 958,030.91
" Mails South Division 26,700.75
" " North Division 15,225.00 41,925.75
" Express South Division 8,891.44
" " North Division 1,763.06 10,654.50
Total Earnings $1,402,858.39
And the expenses:
For Repairs of Road South Division $227,761.06
" " North Division 40,071.40 $267,832.46
" Machinery South Division 88,371.58
" " North Division 16,862.10 105,233.68
For Conducting Transportation South Division 281,105.95
" " North Division 53,316.08 334,422.03
Total Expenses $707,488.17

And leaving a net revenue of


Of which there has been paid for interest S. Division

Balance after payment of interest $296,642.98
   The earnings to the 1st September, exhibit an increase over the same period of the previous year corresponding with the greater length of the road, and -- but for the short crop and political agitation -- would have continued during the remainder and swelled the receipts to $1,750,000, with comparatively a small increased expenditure. As soon as it was evident that the crop was unusually short, the expenses were reduced to the lowest point consistent with safety and efficiency, but this was again followed by the complete prostration of business, consequent upon the late Presidential election, which reduced the travel and upward bound freight to less than one half of the amount it would have been in times of prosperity and peace.
   The expenses of the past year were greatly increased by the renewal of 150,000 Cross-ties, the reconstruction of Trestle Work and Howe Truss Bridges over Noxubee River and Running Water, which were originally constructed of bad materials -- and the transportation of materials of construction. This latter item if charged at cost would exceed $150,000.
   It was my intention on the completion of the road to review its history and present for your consideration the prospects of its ultimate success as an investment of capital, but the Revolution of the Government, and the consequent destruction of business in every department of industry, and the uncertainty as to when commerce will resume its accustomed channels, destroys the value of all such speculations, and they are therefore omitted.
   The Trains have been run during the year with the usual regularity, and without the slightest injury to a passenger; and it gives me pleasure to say that this has resulted from the watchfulness and strict attention to duty of the officers, agents, and employees in every department.
Very Respectfully,
L. J. Fleming
Chief Eng. and Gen'l Sup't.