AR, M&GN 4/1/1866 CE

Annual Report of the Mobile & Great Northern RR
as of April 1, 1866,
Chief Engineer's Report
Chief Engineer's Report 
Office Chief Engineer and General Superintendent
Mobile & Great Northern Railroad
Mobile, April 1, 1866
Colonel W. D. Dunn
President Mobile & Great Northern Railroad Company
   At the date of the last annual report the United States troops were operating against the city of Mobile, and the railroad machinery was being transferred to the west side of the bay with the view of its safe removal to the interior of Mississippi.
   With the exception of the train, consisting of the engine Escambia and 10 cars, burned at Gravella station on the Alabama & Florida railroad, and referred to in the former report, all the rolling stock and machinery of the road was successfully brought off, and on the 11th day of April taken to Shubuta, Mississippi. The steam ferry-boat Senator was run to Columbus, on the Tombigbee, under the care and control of Captain J. K. Hawthorn.
   Track -- The track has been kept in tolerably good order, much better than the southern roads generally at this particular time.
   We have at all times been in want of rails, as you well know a large portion of the road is laid with inferior iron, purchased of necessity during the war. This iron must continue a fruitful source of trouble and anxiety to the company, until able to remove it.
   The heavy rails purchased of Jno. Rogerson & Co are wearing well, and, with the exception of the first half mile, between the switches and Tensas, are free from lamination.
   ***** The temporary machine shops at Tensas were not worth reoccupying or repairing, and as the location was very unhealthy, steps were taken, as soon as the road was reopened, to remove them. *****
   Rolling stock -- At the last report we had 4 locomotives, 4 passenger cars, 14 box cars, 17 platform cars, 2 stock cars, 6 ditching cars, 6 hand cars, and 4 truck cars.
   One of the engines was mentioned in the last report as having been burned, with 10 cars, at Gravella, on the Alabama & Florida railroad, by the United States troops, on the 24th day of March, 1865.
   The engine was not seriously damaged, and after being repaired in the shops of the Alabama & Florida road, was again put to work on the road.
Very respectfully,
G. Jordan
Chief engineer and Superintendent