AR, A&MR 1/1/1866 S

Annual Report of the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR
as of January 1, 1866
Superintendent's Report
Hon. James L. Price
President Selma & Meridian Railroad
   Report of the engineer and superintendent of the Selma & Meridian railroad
   I have the honor to report to you the operations of the road since the 15th day of May last, the day on which the company commenced receiving United States currency, for the full understanding of which I propose to state the general condition of affairs at that time.
   The shops and depots of the road at Selma were destroyed; the bridges over Valley creek and Cahaba river were also destroyed; the rolling stock of the company was in very bad condition, and it was with the utmost difficulty that any trains were kept running. The road was also in bad condition, in consequence of damages caused by the unprecedented freshets of the previous winter. A large amount of money was due from the late Confederate States government, and the only funds on hand was a large amount of confederate money collected for freight and passage after the money became worthless, and vouchers for transportation equally worthless. Fortunately the shop, machinery and some provisions, supplies, and materials were saved and on hand. Most of the materials for the construction of the Tombigbee bridge were also saved. The grading of the new road between Demopolis and the bridge was in good condition and nearly completed. ***** Most of the materials to build the bridge were also on hand. *****
Respectfully submitted
M. B. Prichard
Chief Engineer and Gen'l Sup't Selma & Meridian R. R.