AL, A&F 11/23/1862

Office Ala & Fla R Rd {(of Alabama)}

Montgomery Nov. 23, 1862
Mr E M Prato
Dear Sir,
   You will proceed to Pollard. Take with you Mr Graham and receive from Col J. R. F. Tatnall in accordance with the order of Genl Forney which I herewith hand you, one Locomotive and as many of the Freight cars of the Ala & Florida R Rd of Florida as you can obtain. You will give to Col Tatnall a Receipt for what you get. Locomotive and cars to be accounted for to Said Company, in accordance with the terms set forth in Genl Forneys Letter -- that is, negotiations will be opened as soon as Mr. Avery the President returns with him for the purchase or use during the War. Whey you get possession of them, so dispose of them as will but promote the Business of the Road.
   Confer with Mr Jordan the Supdt of the Mobile & Grt Northern Rail Road and carry out the terms suggested by me to Colo. Dunn -- Our Company to take 2/3 of the outfit & his company 1/3 -- while these if possible try to remedy the great delay in returning our cars -- express to Mr. Jordan that we could do now as much business as we do -- if he could promptly unload and return our cars. At 3 oclock PM, I will be at the Telegraph office and you can communicate with me, if any thing should occur to require it. Telegraph me at that hour, the probable results and whether you have any thing further to confer with me about.
Very respy
Charles T. Pollard
 PS. inquire of Col Tatnell when he will begin to take up the Iron below Pollard. ??? in only ????? miles of the Fla RRd Iron & the ??? 2 miles of our Rd between Pollard & State Line