AL, A&F 11/18B/1862

Head Qrs Dist. of the Gulf

Mobile Nov 18 1862
Mr. O. M. Avery
Presdt of the Ala & Fla RR Co of Fla
   On the 11th inst I appealed to you, by letter to sell to the Government, the iron from three miles of your road to be taken from the Pensacola end of the track laid from Pollard in that direction, and I now have to inform you that I am, reluctantly, compelled to take the balance, to fill the requisition of the Engineer Department, for rail Road iron, to be used in constructing defences for this City.
   As a further necessity, and at the instance of his Excellency the Governor of this State, I must also ask you to allow the Mobile & Great Northern RR Co. and the Ala & Fla RR Co of Ala. to use so much of the unemployed rolling stock of your Company as will enable those companies fully, and promptly to meet the demand for transportation over their roads.
   It is necessary the rolling stock of those roads should be increased, and I am satisfied that the Companies running the roads have diligently, but unsuccessfully sought to obtain stock.
   Your Agent informs me that you are at Tallahassee Fla, and I am compelled to have a portion of your rolling stock, and before we can complete negotiations on that subject; and have this day ordered such temporary use. This order however shall not force you to sell your stock, not in any manner affect your claim for just compensation for such use.
   I have requested the President of the two companies, running the Rail Roads between this place, and Montgomery, to negotiate with you upon fair and liberal terms, either for the purchase or use of your stock in the manner stated. In case the terms cannot be agreed upon, I respectfully suggest a reference of the matter to the following named Superintendents of Rail Roads, who I am informed are reliable, hones, and disinterested, namely Messrs 
Geo Young Supt of the Georgia RR Co Augusta
Geo. W. Adams " Central {of Georgia} RR Co Savannah
G. G. Hull " Atlanta & LaGrange {Atlanta & West Point}  Atlanta
S. L. Fleming " M & Ohio  {Mobile & Ohio} Mobile
   As I cannot, until I hear from you, know whether you will be {end of the copy in the Archive. From the content and handwriting, it was clearly written by Maj. Gen. J. H. Forney.}