AL, A&F 11/18/1862

Head Quarters Dist. of the Gulf

Mobile Nbr 18th 1862
Col John R F Tattnall
Condg Detchmt Obs.
Near Pollard, Ala.
   You will protect the Montgomery & West Point Rail Road Company in taking up and removing to their Road three miles of iron, from that part of the Ala & Fla R Road Compy of Fla extending from Pollard, toward Pensacola, about fifteen miles.
   It is necessary that the Mobile & Great Northern Rail Road Co. and the Ala & Fla R Road Co of Alabama, should use a part or all of the rolling Stock belonging to the Alabama & Florida Rail Road Company of Fla. and the President of the last named Company has been written to on the subject. The Presidents of the two Companies first named have also been requested to negotiate, for such Stock, or its use.
   In the meantime, the demand for transportation over the Rail Roads between this place, and Montgomery will not admit of delay, in the use, until such negotiations may be concluded.
   You will therefore cause to be taken, and delivered to the Agents of the Mobile & Great Northern Rail Road, and of the Alabama & Florida Rail Road Company of Ala, so much of the rolling stock of the Alabama & Florida Rail Road Company of Fla. as will enable these two Roads respectively to meet fully and promptly the demand for transportation on those Roads.
   Before allowing the iron to be taken up you will cause the Agent of the Alabama & Florida Rail Road Company of Fla. at Pollard it there be one to be notified thereof, that he may keep an account of the iron taken, if he desires to do so, you will also notify him before taking the rolling stock, and will take receipts from the Agents of the Companies for the iron, stock and material taken, under these orders, which with complete directions you will return to these Head Quarters.
   You are authorized to appoint a proper agent to attend to the several matters herein ordered.
Very Respectfully
Your obt Servt.
J. H. Forney
Maj Genl. Comdg