AHC, A&M 8/13/1862

No. 8

The Alabama & Mississippi Rivers R. R. Co.

  For the following as per bill rendered, certified to by S C Pierce and filed in Engineer's Office Dollars Cents
July 15 To Bill Iron for Chair fastenings  10.252 lbs @10 1025 20
Aug 13   "     "      "    "       "           "           4893   "      " 489 30
    $1514 50
   I certify that the above Account is correct; that the items therein specified were duly authorized and contracted for on favorable terms, and have been received for the use or benefit of the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers Railroad Company.
J H Lopez Chief Engineer & Supt
   The above account is duly authorized: it has been examined by me, found correct, and is hereby approved.
   Received, 18 of the Treasurer of the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers Railroad Company Fifteen Hundred and Fourteen & 50/100 Dollars, in full of the above account.
$1514 50/100