AHC, A&M 6/30/1864


The Alabama & Mississippi Rivers R. R. Co.

To J P Brockman

  For the following as per bill rendered, certified to by J. C. Waite and filed in Engineer's Office Dollars Cents
June 30th To cash paid Negros for Night work pulling engine Desoto of{f} barge 16 00
  reps track 5th & 12th June Sunday 32 00
  cash paid H H Taylor for 16 bush corn 32 00
    80 00
   I certify that the above Account is correct; that the items therein specified were duly authorized and contracted for on favorable terms, and have been received for the use or benefit of the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers Railroad Company.
M B Prichard Chief Engineer
   The above account is duly authorized: it has been examined by me, found correct, and is hereby approved.
   Received, July 18th 1864 of the Treasurer of the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers Railroad Company Eighty Dollars, in full of the above account.
J P Brockman