Locomotive Material Requirements

A locomotive, built in 1854, contained the following:

Material Quantity (pounds)
Cast Iron (cylinders, drivers, wheels, fittings)


Plate & Sheet Iron (boiler, firebox) 9,200
Roller Bar Iron (various fittings) 12,000
Hammered Iron (frame, rods, pins) 7,500
Steel (springs, slides) 1,400
Copper (in firebox, tubes, tube sheets) 1,400
Tin, Zinc, Brass 500
Wood (cab, buffer beams, cow catcher, boiler lagging) Unknown


From John Hogan, Thoughts about the City of St. Louis and Her Commerce and Manufactures and Railroads &c. (St. Louis, 1854), p. 18 as quoted in John Lozier, Taunton and Mason: Cotton Machinery and Locomotive Manufacture in Taunton, Massachusetts, 1811-1861, p. 458-9, Dissertation for a PhD at Ohio State University, 1978.