Jackson and the Earlier Locomotive Haul

   Many of the accounts of Jackson's hauling the Baltimore & Ohio RR locomotives south (Jackson and the Locomotive Haul) open with a statement that Jackson had earlier hauled 4 (or 2) small locomotives south earlier. What is the basis for this statement and which locomotives are supposed to have been moved?
   Edward Hungerford, in the centennial history of the Baltimore & Ohio RR, states that the 4 were B&O RR locomotives. I have the list of locomotives lost to the B&O, as detailed by their Master of Machinery, and all were lost to Jackson/Sharp. Sharp was not yet in the area and no mention of this movement was made to him when he was assigned to move the real haul.
   The Alexandria, Loudoun & Hampshire RR had three or four locomotives that Lee wanted saved to the south (OR Series 1, Vol. 2, Page 858, OR Series 1, Vol. 2, Page 866, OR Series 1, Vol. 2, Page 917). Two of those locomotives were captured when Alexandria was taken in June, 1861 (NP, RD 6-6-61). Thomas Sharp started moving 2 of the locomotives from Leesburg (the western terminus of the road) toward Rectortown Station on the Manassas Gap RR (Diary of Thomas R. Sharp 1861) on July 30, well after the B&O RR locomotives had been captured. The 3 certain AL&H RR locomotives were 23-ton locomotives, not "small" when the standard locomotive weighed 24 or 25 tons.
   The Winchester & Potomac RR had 5 locomotives, all of which were "small," weighing 8 to 16 tons. However, the W&P RR was in operation throughout the summer of 1861 supporting the troops at and near Harper's Ferry (NA, VAF 5-1A-61, OR Series 1, Vol. 2, Page 470, OR Series 1, Vol. 51, Part 2, Page 139), in the later half of 1861, hauling B&O RR locomotives and other material from Halltown to Winchester (NA, W&P 12-31-61) and from December through early February moving flour from the mills to Winchester.
   When the Confederates abandoned Winchester, in early 1862, at least two locomotives were captured by the Union. Both President and "Ancient" are mentioned as having been used by the Union Military Railroad during the rest of the war and are noted as having been captured from the Winchester & Potomac RR.
   There are, therefore, three locomotives unaccounted for which could have been hauled south by Jackson before the B&O RR operation. However, I have found no mention of this activity in contemporary records and no mention of the missing locomotives being used on any other railroad. I am, therefore, forced to the conclusion that the movement of 4 small locomotives, before the capture and removal of the B&O RR locomotives, did not take place.