Freight Way Bill

Below are formats of typical Way Bills



Freight Way Bill from Richmond to ....... Depot, on ..... the .... day of ..... 18...

Destination From Whom To Whom Description of Articles Car Weight Freight By Whom Collected
Collected at Richmond Depot Collected at Depot to which sent













































Copied at Richmond         Agent

Copied at Depot to which sent                              Agent

East Tennessee & Georgia Rail Road

Knoxville and Dalton and Chattanooga

No. {Station} {Date}

Received From

{Name of Shipper}

{Description of goods being shipped}

Marked  {Identifying markings}
   Consigned to
and to be delivered to the Agent of the ______________ Rail Road at _________, at which point the liability and responsibility of this Company ceases. To be transported, in turn, on the East Tennessee & Georgia Rail Road to _______________, under the following stipulations, viz: -- Road liable for such injuries only as shall be established to have occurred while in their possessions. Liability of Road, either for damage or loss, not to attach until the Merchandise is laden on the Cars, and to cease on the delivery of same at ___________
Expenses to be Collected at Destination, $________

Condition of Contents Unknown

Registered by _____________