Employment Patterns at Various Confederate Railroads

Charts showing employment patterns at a railroad give an insight into the importance of the railroad and the traffic level it is handling. The Richmond & Danville Railroad shows this clearly. In 1861, it was a railroad of modest value to the war effort, but with enormous potential if the connection with the North Carolina Railroad could be made at Greensboro. R&D employment rose slightly until the connection, the Piedmont Railroad, was completed in the summer of 1864. By then, the R&D was the sole remaining link for Richmond and the Army of Northern Virginia to the rest of the Confederacy. 9 locomotives and  2 dozen cars were leased from other roads to carry the increased, vital traffic. Employment in late 1864 shows a road with more than double the employees of 1861, despite drastic conscription.

Atlantic & North Carolina Employees

Buffalo Bayou, Brazos & Colorado Railroad Employees

Houston & Texas Central Railroad Employees

Richmond & Danville Railroad Employees

Richmond & Petersburg Railroad Employees

Virginia & Tennessee Railroad Employees

Virginia Central Railroad Employees

Washington County Railroad Employees