Confederate Uses of the Railroads

I encourage you to contact me with additional railroad uses -- dates and references will be most helpful. Troop movements need to be at least division-size for this list.


1861 Movement of Johnston's army to join Beauregard's at First Manassas
1862 Evacuation of Pensacola
1862 Evacuation of New Orleans
1862 Evacuation of Nashville
1862 Pre-Shiloh concentration
1862 Reinforcements from the South to Jackson in the Valley {I'm still uncertain of the size of this movement}
1862 Movement of Jackson from the Valley to the Seven Days Battle
1862 Movement of various brigades from Richmond to the start line for the 2nd Manassas campaign
1862 Movement of Breckinridge's division from Jackson to Holly Springs
1862 Bragg's army from Mississippi to Chattanooga
1862 Bragg's army from Chattanooga to Murfreesboro
1863 Longstreet's corps to and from Suffolk
1863 Longstreet's corps from Chattanooga to Knoxville
1864 Pickett's division from Lee to eastern North Carolina and back
1864 Early's corps from Richmond to the Valley
1864 Longstreet's corps from near Knoxville to Richmond
1864 Various brigades from the Carolinas to Lee during the Wilderness battle
1864 Hardee's corps from Johnston to Polk and back
1864 Reynolds' division from Mobile to Johnston
1864 Polk's army from Mississippi to Johnston in Northern Georgia
1864 Beauregard's brigades from eastern North Carolina and Charleston to Petersburg
1864 Hoke's division from Petersburg to Lee and back
1864 Hoke's division from Petersburg to Wilmington
1865 Evacuation of Charleston and concentration at Cheraw, S. C.
1865 Butler's cavalry division (less horses) from Richmond to Columbia, S. C.
1862 Bragg's army from Chattanooga to near Kentucky
1862 Bragg's army back from Kentucky
1863 Longstreet's corps from Richmond to Chickamauga
1863-1864 POWs from Virginia to North Carolina and Georgia
1864-5 Army of Tennessee from Alabama to North Carolina
1861 Initial mobilization of troops and transportation to places of duty
1861 Distribution of guns from Norfolk throughout the Confederacy
1861 Purchased food from Kentucky to the Central Confederacy
1862 Mobilization of the new units formed when conscription began
1861-1864 Lead from Southwestern Virginia to Richmond
1861-1863 Copper from Southeastern Tennessee to Richmond
1861-1864 Salt from Southwestern Virginia to the rest of the Eastern Confederacy
1862-1864 Distribution of blockade runner imports to the rest of the Eastern Confederacy
1862-1863 Food from Trans-Mississippi to the Eastern Confederacy
1862-1864 Distribution of internal war production to other producers, to cities and to the armies
1862-1864 Food from Florida, Northern Alabama, and Central Georgia to the army in Eastern Tennessee and Northern Georgia
1863-1864 Cotton to Wilmington and Charleston for blockade runners
1863-1864 Supply of food from Southwestern Georgia to Richmond
1863-1865 Relocation of industries and government offices from Richmond to other locations