Captured Memphis & Charleston RR Locomotives

   Below are Union documents detailing the Memphis & Charleston RR locomotives captured at Huntsville and Stevenson, Ala. on April 11, 1862

Headquarters Third Division
Huntsville, Ala. April 11, 1862
Capt. J. B. Fry
Assistant Adjutant-General
   After a forced march of incredible difficulty, leaving Fayetteville yesterday at 12 m., my advanced guard, consisting of Turchin's brigade, Kennett's cavalry, and Simonson's battery, entered Huntsville this morning at 7 o'clock.
   The city was taken completely by surprise, no one having considered the march practicable in the time. We have captured about 200 prisoners, 15 locomotives, a large amount of passenger, box, and platform cars, the telegraphic apparatus and offices, and two Southern mails. We have at length succeeded in cutting the great artery of railway intercommunication between the Southern States.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant
O. M. Mitchel
Brigadier-General, Commanding
OR, Series 1, Vol. 10, Part 1, Page 641
Headquarters Third Division
Huntsville, April 11, 1862
General Buell
   The work so happily commenced on yesterday has been completed today upon a train of cars captured from the enemy at Huntsville. A heavy force of the Ninth Brigade, under command of Sill, was ordered to drive the enemy from Stevenson in the east, while an equal force from the Eighth Brigade, upon captured cars, was directed so seize Decatur upon the west. Both expeditions proved eminently successful. I accompanied the most difficult one to Stevenson in person, from which place 2,000 of the enemy fled as usual at our approach without firing a gun, leaving behind five locomotives and a large amount of rolling stock.
   To prevent the enemy from penetrating toward Nashville, I ordered the destruction of a small bridge between Stevenson and Bridgeport, which we can replace, if necessary, in a single day. The expedition from the Eighth Brigade, under the immediate command of Colonel Turchin, proved eminently successful. To arrest his advance the enemy fired a bridge on the farther side of the Tennessee River, but our troops reached it in time to extinguish the flames. A small force of the enemy fled from the town, leaving their tents standing and their camp equipage behind them.
   Thus in a single day we have taken and now hold a hundred miles of the great railway line of the rebel Confederacy. We have nothing more to do in this region, having fully accomplished all that was ordered. We have saved the great bridge across the Tennessee, and are ready to strike the enemy, if so directed, upon his right flank and rear at Corinth.
O. M. Mitchel
OR, Series 1, Vol. 10, Part 1, Page 641
Military Supt's Office
M. & C. R. R.
Huntsville Ala. April 18, 1862
General,  {not identified in the document, but almost certainly General Mitchel}
   The following list exhibits the number of engines now on hand and their capacity
Name No. loaded cars
Donegan Decatur 18
Wallace here 18
Cruse Decatur 10
Conner 18
Tuscumbia 16
Mills 12
Sherode here 15
Schnigs here 16
Garth here 5
   Of these the Wallace, Sherrode, Schigs & Garth are now here.
   The following will be ready in 8 or 10 days


Huntsville 16 cars loaded
North Alabama 14  "        "       
Ayers 8   "        "     
Hunt 18   "        "      
Tate 10   "        "      
Dixon 18   "         "     
L. Prior 12   "         "    
   All of which is respectfully submitted
Capt John B. Yates
Mil. Supt.
NA, Record Group 94, Entry 159, General's Papers & Books, O. M. Mitchel files
Huntsville Ala
June 17, 62
Brig Gen O. M. Mitchel
Comdg 3 Div.
Camp Taylor
   The following is the report of the sure capacity of the Engines.
Engine Cruse 6 cars loaded
" Tate 6 " "
" Antelope 5 " "
" Dickson 7 " "
" Tuscumbia 5 " "
" Scruggs 6 " "
" Mitchel 7 " "
" Mills 6 " "
" Ayers 3 " " Express Eng
" Tishamingo 3 " "
   There will be two Engines ready in two weeks able to draw 15 cars. These Engines were badly run down before they came into our possession and have been so busy we could not repair them.
   Do you wish all the cars collected at this place from Athens & Bellefonte?
Very Respectfully
Your obt svt
John B Yates
Capt & Mil Supt
NA, Record Group 94, Entry 159, General's Papers & Books, O. M. Mitchel files