Biography of Edward A. Beecher

 There is no biography of Edward A. Beecher in the National Archives. Below is my biography of the man. Entries in blue are references and my additions to his National Archives biography.

   Edward A. Beecher appointed Major in the Quarter Master department on October 28, 1862, reporting to Brigadier General Preston Smith. He had various, non-railroad related duties until, on September 29, 1864, he was placed in charge of Railroad Transportation for the Army of Tennessee as a member of General Hood's Army Headquarters. He was still in that position when paroled on April, 26, 1865, at General Johnston's surrender in North Carolina.
   He is noted on November 20, 1864 as having been in charge of railroad transportation since September 29, 1864. His parole papers also list him in that position. 
   Beecher was born September 29, 1833 in Livingston, New York. He became a lawyer, who despite being a member of the most prominent abolitionist family in the country, thought it right to fight for the South. A post-war Union book reports a Union doctor being captured by a man who said he was Edward A. Beecher, the son of Edward Beecher who was President of Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. He said Henry Ward Beecher was his uncle.
    Beecher had a son in Memphis in 1866 and died in 1872.
January 17, 1865 Was coordinating moving the Army of Tennessee to the east