East Tennessee & Georgia Track

September 1, 1859

64# T-rail, connected with wrought iron clamps 5" long. Rail have checks to receive the spikes at the ends of the clamps. Ties are 8' long, 8" thick, with a bearing surface of 9" and 1 1/2 feet apart (center to center).


Whiteside Tunnel, through Missionary Ridge, four miles from Chattanooga, is 981' long. The height of the opening is 18' above the roadway. It is 14' 4" wide. The arch forming the roof is a semicircle with a diameter of 16'. 583' of length is in earth, counter arched and walled with stone and arched with brick. 175' of length is in rock of unsafe character, walled with stone and arched with brick. 223' of length is in solid limestone. The track is laid on broken stone, with the drainage under the center of the track in the earth portion and at the end of the ties in the rock portion.