Columbus Tap

The road was chartered in February 1860. The 3-mile long road was intended to connect Columbus, Texas to the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos & Colorado RR. The connection would be in Alleytown and required a ferry across the Colorado River until a bridge could be built in the future. The road was completed in 1864 (after the Government provided the iron); the bridge, well after the war. The road had no rolling stock and was serviced by the B. B., B. & C. RR.
Black's Number Not listed (map) (map)
Track 3 miles of 4 foot 8 inch gauge, T-rail was almost certainly used, but that detail and the rail weight are unknown.
Locomotives None
Cars None
Stations 2
Officers 3
Significant Documents
NP, CCT 1-5-61
NP, CCT 1-5A-61
NP, HT 1-22-61
NP, CCT 3-16-61
NP, CCT 3-16A-61
NP, CCT 9-14-61
NA, CT 10-12-63