Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge was chartered in 1852 to connect Anderson, SC (connecting to Charleston) with Knoxville, Tennessee. Construction began in 1854 and had been completed only to Pendleton when the war started. Minor work was completed to get the road to Walhalla. Work on the rest of the road, and a major tunnel near that point, was stopped. Some rail may have been laid on the 18-mile Knoxville-to-Marysville, Tennessee section and serviced by one of the East Tennessee railroads.

A powder manufacturer, in the vicinity of Walhalla, which had been set up to provide the powder for blasting the railroad tunnels, provided powder to the Confederacy through at least the spring of 1862.

Black's Number 33 (map)
Track 35 miles; 5 foot gauge of 60# T-rail
Locomotives 3; 3 names
Cars 36
Stations 5
Officers Many
Bridges All
Significant Documents
NP, AI 1-3-61
NP, KC 2-26-61
NP, CM 3-6-61
NP, EA 3-13-61
NP, CC 4-2-61
NP, YE 4-4A-61
NP, CM 4-17-61
NP, KC 6-29-61
NP, CM 7-1C-61
NP, CM 7-1D-61
NP, YE 8-15-61
NA, QMR 2-17B-62
NP, SC 2-17-63
NA, P 5-29-63
NA, BR 6-30-63
NP, SC 2-25-64
NP, CM 5-12-64
NP, CM 5-16-64
NA, ENGR 11-14B-64
SC, QM 12-25-64