Alabama & Florida (of Florida) "Contributions" to Other Roads

When Pensacola was evacuated in May 1862, this road no longer had a purpose and its assets were desired by many other railroads and the government. When an agreement could not be reached between the railroad and the government, the government seized the rolling stock and sold it to various roads. The iron (37 miles) was removed in several phases to supply construction and repair needs on various roads. Below are listed the roads that were identified as having received these "contributions."
Road Items
Mobile & Great Northern Rails, chairs, spikes, Engine Dart, 1/3 of the rolling stock
Alabama & Florida (of Alabama) Rails, chairs, spikes, frog, switch stands, Engines Industry and Perseverance, 2/3 of the rolling stock
North & South Alabama Rails, chairs
Montgomery & West Point Rails, spikes, chairs, frog
Selma & Meridian Rails, chairs, spikes, frogs, switch stands
Northeast & Southwest Rails, chairs, spikes, frogs
Alabama & Tennessee River 2 Locomotives & 14 cars
Wilmington & Manchester 2 Locomotives
Defense works at Mobile 3 miles of Rail (for use as armor)